Divided Republicans Divide Nation

The inability of Republicans House leader John Boehner to persuade his won party to support a fiscal plan that would raise taxes about 3% on those who earn over a million dollars simply reveals how even a “conservative” is regarded as a  “communist” for allowing the thought of “higher taxes” to enter his mind. Of course,  the original income tax was initially introduced by the arch communist, Abraham Lincoln. Today, Honest Abe would be regarded by Republicans as a man who made a pact with the Devil to force job creator millionaires to pay an extra three cents on the dollar in higher taxes.

Boehner has lost control over his own party. Republicans are determined that a fiscal disaster is to their benefit because Americans will blame Democrats just as they blamed Obama for the rising national debt–one that was created by Republican politicians. Boehner no longer controls the party, Tea Party stalwarts do not control the party. Moderates no  longer are in the party. So, who is left in the party?

It is time for moderate Republicans to accept reality–they are strangers in a stranger party and it is time to find a home that welcomes those who terms selves, MODERATES!