Divorce, Egyptian Style

Defenders of current Muslim laws and traditions insist women seek to be part of a family oriented society in which female and male roles are understood and respected. But, since we are humans, there are times when marriage becomes a burden some women wish to escape and resume being single. Mahasen Saber, obtained a divorce in Egypt and soon discovered that she was not only a figure of scorn but an object of wonder. Ms. Saber turned to the Internet and created a show entitled, “Radio Divorces” which allows Egyptian women to openly discuss reasons for seeking divorce. Dooaa Eweda, a friend of Saber, argues, “the number of divorced women in the Arab world has risen sharply.” Since 2000, Egyptian women have been legally able to secure a divorce.

Divorce, Egyptian Style for women requires forfeiting all financial rights and returning the dowry. Of course, no such problems impact men who seek divorce and over 80% of divorces are initiated by husbands. It requires up to four years for a woman to get her divorce while men get one within six months. A divorced woman confronts issues of even talking to a man at work without being regarded as engaging in a sexual relationship.

  • Edwina Khalil

    I am from the U.K. + have been told by my husband 2 days ago that we will divorce, what is the procedure? How long will it take + will I receive documentation (proof) that the divorce has went through ?