Divorced Women In Saudi Arabia Oppressed

A Divorcee in most societies encounters problems, but few other nations can compare with Saudi Arabia when it comes to rights of women who have obtained a divorce. Divorce is aprticularly hard for a non-Saudi woman whose husband has gotten a divorce. Many non-Saudi women can be expelled after the divorce and few can take their children with them unless the husband agrees to that arrangement. Aysha Saileh, a Syrian mother of six, was divorced six months ago and lives in daily fear of being deported because her former husband refuses to allow her to remain in the kingdom. She points out the financial situation for her family back in Syria is not good and her husband refuses any financial support so she is caught in the proverbial dilemma.

The government authority which handles such situations is the Ministry of Foreign Affiars and its rules are clear that ban non-Saudi women to remain in the country even if she has children. The Ministry of the Interior reports receiving each year about 2,100 cases seeking divorce for non-Saudi wives. If mothers leave Saudi Arabia and the children remain with their father it may end any relationship between mother and children.