DIXIE Never Dies!

Todd Adkins is a country singer from the Deep South who is proud to be a Johnny Reb and  while singing the Christmas Song decided to wear a Confederate earpiece. He has referred to the Civil War as the “War Against Northern Aggression.” It is unfortunate that Mr. Adkins has never read a book about the Civil War. Todd, Abraham Lincoln repeatedly promised the South that he would not end slavery, he wanted slavery to be restricted to your beloved Dixie. But, idiots like yourself refused to accept the Missouri Compromise(honest, Todd, there WAS an agreement to restrict slavery) and this  was a major cause of the Civil War.

Todd, I guess you accept the concept that slavery is God’s gift to the South. Todd, I hate to tell you but 95%  of Southerners did NOT own slaves! They accepted   ideas propagated by jerks like yourself and went off to die so that slaveowners could continue mastering it over other humans.

Oh, Todd, the FIRST SHOT that began the Civil War was when SOUTHERN artillery fired on Ft. Sumter. THE SOUTH BEGAN THE CIVIL WAR! Read a book Mr. Adkins and you’ll others who have no knowledge of the Civil War.