Do All Children Have A Right To Education?

If one seeks to arouse the fury of conservatives simply raise the issue of rights that illegal immigrants should be provided. The issue of illegal immigrant children in Sweden has created conflict since conservatives oppose allowing undocumented children to attend school on grounds it is financially damaging to society. The Swedish government has taken a different stance. Education Minister Jan Bjorklund clearly stated her views on children rights. “We reason all children in the world, regardless of where they live, and regardless of their parents rights and wrongs have a right to a school education.”

These words will not be greeted with approval by the opponents of illegal immigrants. Inherent in their arguments against allowing children of illegal immigrants into school is failure to examine the alternative. Do they prefer that these children be on the streets of their towns? Do they prefer these children fall under the influence of radicals or criminals?

Actually, the least expensive way to handle children of illegal immigrants is providing them free education.