Do Churches Have Legal Right To Be UnChristian?

The British government is proposing an Equality bill whose provisions are somewhat unclear pertaining to the rights of gays and transsexuals when it comes to issues of church organizations. Government officials insist it does not disturb the status quo which allows church groups to discriminate when it comes to issues of gays and transsexuals on grounds it violates their right to practice religion. The Archbishop of Canterbury argues “if religious freedom means anything it must mean that those(gay rights) are matters for the churches and other religious organizations to determine for themselves.”

The Archbishop does have a point. If freedom means anything it means the right to be a bigot. The real question for Christian groups is being discriminatory against gays and transsexuals in accordance with the religion that was founded by Jesus Christ. I thought he came for all people. I don’t recall reading any caveats that he did not come for gays and transsexuals.

But, then again, I am Jew and Jesus was born, raised and died a Jew.