Do Conspiracies Ever Occur In Life?

There is scant doubt humans have a propensity for seeking an undercover conspiracy to explain away tragic events. In modern times, the presence of the Internet and social networks makes the spread of conspiracy theories much easier. The problem is that while most so-called “conspiracies” are flights of the imagination, some actually are true. Former prime minister Tony Blair is upset because he was called to testify at the Chilcot inquiry into the process followed that resulted in the invasion of Iraq. He told American politician, Mike Huckabee, on his television show the Chilcot inquiry was part of a vast undertaking to create a conspiracy when none ever existed. He wants an end to speculation about his motives for leading the UK into war.

Blair charges for many people, “there’s got to be a scandal as to why you hold our view… I think there’s a continual desire to sort of uncover some great conspiracy.” Fair enough, Tony, are questions concerning his decision for war a desire to spread conspiracy theories? Perhaps, Blair can explain why no WMD were found. The ironic aspect of the Blair charge is that BUSH AND HE spread a conspiracy theory that Saddam Hussein had WMD and was plotting some diabolical attack on western nations. Could Tony please explain why he spread this CONSPIRACY THEORY?