Do Fascists Have Rights?

The Council of Europe is planning to ban right wing political parties which believe that Adolf Hitler and Nazism were just part of European culture. The ban would be directed at far-right groups which are affiliated with neo-Nazi and racist  anti-Semites who seek to rid Europe of those deemed to be undesirable. The Golden Dawn party of Greece which appears to love the old days of Fascism may be asked to leave the legislature. Hungary’s Jobbik party which recently blamed Jews for any and all problems in Europe may also be shown the door. Of course, all right wing political parties blame either Muslims or Roma for unemployment and recession.

Yes, right wing political parties are filled with ignorant nut cases. We in America have millions of such people who belong to the NRA or the Tea Party. I prefer allowing them to display ignorance and hate, eventually sound minded people will cease listening to their songs of hate.

  • Slitzh

    For actual news about Golden dawn, their program and views.

    I first realized we had a serious problem when, years ago, Iwas having a convo with a liberal friend of mine, arguing very logically how multiculturalism and diversity are mutually exclusive and self annihilating concepts.

    In frustration she blurted out “I just wish everyone were brown and then there wouldnt be a problem!”


    it was at that moment that i realized that the far left has set events in motion that are far more genocidal than ANY preceeding ideology, ever.
    The U.N. defines Genocide as ANYTHING, in whole or in part, that over the long make it hard or impossible for a people to preserve their identity: This include Mass Immigration, Integration And the promotion of Miscegenation and White Guilt.

    Mental Harm is ALSO a form of Genocide by the U.N.

    Telling White children they are evil, and owe something to non-whites and have no heritage or homeland IS GENOCIDE.

    Like the others have said, you DO support White Genocide. And are just sugar-coating it.

  • Drake_Burrwood

    This I am willing to agree with.

  • Drake_Burrwood

    Why Ban those parties as long as the the country’s people are citizens (armed), not subjects (unarmed) the government can get as stupid as it wants but will be to afraid to do anything..
    Wait that sounds familiar.. Hummm.