Do Israel Actions Ever Cause Others To Become Angry?

The state of Israel is convinced if other nations become upset at their government, the cause of their behavior can be found in a hidden or open hatred of Jews and the nation of Israel. According to a statement from the Israel Foreign Ministry: “the impression that is being created is that the Turkish prime minister is trying to integrate with the Muslim world at Israel’s expense.” It is simply impossible for Israelis to contemplate the actions of other nations might stem from decisions of the Israel government. Last year, Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey expressed his outrage at the invasion of Gaza. From the Israel perspective, Erdogan launched an attack on their nation for no reason other than hate.

For example, several months ago, Danny Ayalon, Isrsael Deputy Foreign Minister deliberately insulted the Turkish ambassador to his country and made certain the insult was broadcast on TV. Ayalon behaved in a childish fashion by having the Turkish diplomat portrayed as sitting in a lower chair in order to convey power. When children are in charge of Israel’s foreign policy, why should anyone be surprised that other nations refuse to play these childish games.