Do Jews Live In Israel?

Once upon a time, a long, long, time ago, there were Jewish people living in Israel. They had returned to their homeland from which most Jews fled for safety. The new arrivals not only wanted to restore a strong Jewish presence in the Holy Land, but to create a modern democratic state. Somewhere along the way, religious folk came to power and decided to create an anti-Israel which would be home for anti-Jews. A recent bill introduced in the Knesset by these anti-Jews is symbolic of how their minds work. They wanted to government to investigate human rights groups because in their version of the anti-Israel, human rights is a negative, something supported by “terrorists.” Opposition leader,Tzipi Livni, warned, “a dark wind is blowing through the country… beyond being an anti-democratic proposal, it also harms the interests of the State of Israel.” An Arab MK sarcastically noted the proposed bill was bringing Israel one step closer to 1984.

Unfortunately, Livini and the Arab MK, do not understand this bill is bringing Israel closer to the anti-Israel and that is why the anti-Jews want to wipe out the democracy that was created by the real Jews.

I propose changing the name of this nation to: Anti-Israel. And, broadcast to the world, that Anti-Israel welcomes anti-Jews from all over the world!