Do Muslim Radicals Dominate The Religion?

If one surveyed the American media it would appear that most Muslims in the world are radicals who are engaged in some form of jihad and oppose equal rights for women. Few American media reporters have studied about Muslims or the nations in which Muslims constitute a majority of the population. Most probably not only the average American but the average media presentation is one in which al-Qaeda or Hamas or Hezbullah appear. A recent Indonesian study by the Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University (UIN) Institute for the Study of Religion and Culture, reveals that a majority of mosque leaders fall under the classification of being moderates. Only 20% in the world’s largest Islamic nation support the idea of formalizing Sharia law. UIN researcher, Ridwan al-Mikassary concluded: “In general most of the mosques in Jakarta are moderate in their perceptions and ideas.” His study showed: 85% agreed women could hold public office although 56.4% were against a female president. Of the respondents, 88% believe Muslims should respect people who have different faiths although 56.4% were against non-Muslims becoming president.

In sharp contrast to what most American media “experts” believe, 83.6% of respondents believe terrorism is against the teachings of Islam and 78.4% support the death penalty for a convicted terrorist. Perhaps, people like Rush Limbaugh and his ignorant colleagues might read what is believed in the largest Muslim nation in the world.