Do Puppets Make More Sense Than Generals?

We inhabit a time when the wise words of puppets might be of more interest than the blabber of generals insisting all problems will be solved if you send more soldiers. A satirical puppet show about Danish
troops in Afghanistan that was to be featured on a TV program has been cancelled due to objections. Apparently, the sight of hash-smoking Danish puppet soldiers in Afghanistan has been deemed too controversial. Writers and directors of the show– H A S H along with critics who saw the pilot episode believe the long arm of the government is behind the decision to cancel puppets and allow human puppets to make decisions in Afghanistan.

According to Christian Dyekjaer, director of the show, “I don’t know whether this is censorship or not but it’s very strange. I also don’t know whether it was a political decision, but I can’t help thinking it was.” Please rest assured it was political.

Think about it–what if puppet soldiers made military decisions in Afghanistan, could it be any worse than what is currently happening?