Do Second Amendment Rights Apply To Cellphones!

Liberal do-gooders are once again on the warpath to take away the rights of God-fearing Americans by banning the use of cell phones while people are driving cars. First, these physical cowards try to take away our right to carry concealed weapons into schools, churches, banks, and now airports event though there is abundant evidence people have been shot in those locales. How can any honest American be safe on an airplane even he didn’t have his trusty rifle in his lap? Now, the enemies of freedom want to pass laws which prevent an American from talking on the phone while driving a car. As anyone knows, cell phones don’t kill people, people kill people! It is just another liberal attempt to strip Americans of their God-given rights which our Founding Fathers expressed in writing the Constitution.

The 2nd Amendment grants individuals the right to defend themselves. Cell phones give individuals the right to defend themselves against gossip and slander. It is imperative to communicate with your best friends while driving because failing to do so might result in not hearing the latest slander being communicated against you.

Just remember, liberals have an agenda. First, they take away our right to bring a gun into a bank, then they take away our right to bring a concealed gun into a school, and now, they are trying to take away our right to talk! This is a violation of freedom of speech! Just remember, no cell phone ever killed anyone!