Do Spy Agencies Really Protect Us?

After the end of World War II, the CIA was invented to replace the Office of Strategic Services(OSS) which operated as our spy agency during the war. Since that date following are examples in which the CIA or other spy agencies failed to warn the American government or people what would occur:

1. The Korean War
2. Entry of the Chinese Army during the Korean War
3. Victory of Fidel Castro in Cuba
4. The power of the Vietcong to win the Vietnam war.
5. The date by which the Soviet Union would obtain a Hydrogen bomb.
6. Changes that would result from the death of dictator Joseph Stalin in March, 1953.
7. The Berlin Riots of June, 1953.
8. Riots in eastern Europe in 1956.
9. The Russian invasion of Afghanistan in 1980.
10. The fall of the Berlin Wall
11. The beginning of democracy in Russia.
12. Events in the Middle East such as the Arab Spring
13. 9/11

and so on and so on.

And, President Obama insists that we must trust the NSA, the CIA and the dozen other spy agencies.

Oh, the CIA blundered in 1953 by removing a secular Iranian leader by overthrowing the government of Prime Minister Mossadegh.
The CIA blundered in the 1980s by supplying Islamic militants like Osama bin Laden with weapons to fight the Russians in Afghanistan.Thus was born al-Qaeda.

So,President Obama, exactly why should we have confidence in our spy agencies???