Do Students Have Right To Evaluate Teachers Online?

A teacher in Germany lost her appeal to the Federal Supreme Court over her right to shut down a website established by students to rate teachers in her school. Astrid Czubayko-Raiss wants the website shut down because it subjects her to embarrassing, if not humiliating, comments by students regarding her ability as a teacher. The court ruled: “the right of students to exchange opinions and communicate freely outweighs the right of the teacher suing to determine information available about her.” Of course, many colleges have formal evaluation of teachers which is conducted anonymously during the conclusion of a course. This has been in operation over forty years without too much pain to anyone.

I thought it interesting among the criteria students wished to use in evaluating teachers there was a wide range of qualities. For example, “cool and funny,” or “popular,” or “motivated,” or relaxed,” and “teaches well.” These are excellent points to identify about a teacher as long as students recognize the main criterion should be “teaches well.”

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    In my opinion students will gain some knowledge in their regular studies. So, interaction between teacher and student is must…