Do Women Have Name Rights?

As the father of three daughters it has always been a concern regarding their name rights. Do they have a right to keep the name of dad or must they surrender who they are to the guy they marry? Of course, I do insist that my son’s wife adopt my name because my name is the name we want the future to remember. A Turkish woman sued in the European Court of Human Rights in order to force the Turkish government to allow retention of her maiden name. In her view, the husband has no right to impose his name upon the wife unless she wants the guy’s name. The Court ruled that forcing women to surrender their name is a violationof the right to privacy and the right to make decisions about one’s private life. According to the Court, family life is under the jurisdiction of the family, not of government.

This makes sense. We dads have to fight to protect the rights of our daughters against male imperialism which forces them to surrender the wonderful name they obtained from me. Now, as for any woman who marries my son, I believe it is only natural that you adopt my name. It is a good name. It has been around a few years. And, won’t you be happy to know your new name means–“Son of a Drunkard?” Who would turn down such a name!!