Do You Recall Congress In Good Old Days?

I am currently engaged in writing the history of the year, 1953 which has compelled me to examine periodicals and events of that year. Would you believe?

1. Senator Robert Taft, leader of Republican Senators was regarded as the main champion for low cost public housing!
2. Adlai Stevenson, who lost the presidential election to Dwight Eisenhower traveled the world and returned to praise the president for his outstanding leadership.
3. Life magazine, a leading Republican periodical, published a story which argued that the Republican party would reduce from 27% to 17% the amount of the nation’s wealth possessed by the top 1% of wealthy people.
4. Senator Joseph McCarthy was going wild with his anti-communism crusade which meant that Republican President Eisenhower needed votes from Democrats to get anything passed.
5. At the last day of Congress in August, Republican Senator William Knowland praised Democratic Senate leader Lyndon Johnson for his “cooperation.” The entire Senate voted to thank Vice President Nixon for the respectful manner in which he presided over the Senate. And, the entire Congress sang a song of farewell.

That was then, and now is now!!