Do You Trust Pakistan With A-Bombs?

Over the weekend, a band of Taliban militants attacked a major naval base in Pakistan, gained control of parts of the base for several hours, and were finally defeated. According to Naval authorities and the government, there were about six involved in the militant operation and they wound up destroying two planes and killing about ten people. Today, the Karachi police offered an estimate of about 10-12 militants in the operation. I am somewhat confused. How could six or ten or fifteen militants enter a naval base, engage thousands of naval personnel in combat, hold out for several hours and finally be defeated. Six guys did this! There is something weird about this entire operation, particularly the reporting of it. I would assume fifty commandoes could take out the militants in a few hours.

The real question that arises from this fiasco is can the world trust Pakistan to safeguard its 100 atomic bombs. Pakistan continues receiving money from the US, but instead of employing these resources against the Taliban or al-Qaeda, the money is spent building more atomic bombs for the non-existent war against India.

Something is not kosher about this story.