Doctors For War And Torture!

Physicians for Human Rights issued a damning report on collusion by doctors during the war in Iraq who assisted in the process of torture. According to the report, “medical personnel were required to monitor all waterboarding practices and collect detailed medical information that was used to design, develop, deploy subsequent waterboarding procedures.” Information was gathered on the pain inflicted when various techniques were used in combinations. CIA spokesperson Paul Gimilgliano denied information contained in the report and insisted “the CIA did not, as part of its past detention program, conduct human subject research on any detainee, or group of detainees.”

After World War II, the Allies conducted the famous Nuremburg Trial which, among others, placed on trial physicians who engaged in research on how much the human body could handle pain. To conduct such research violates international guidelines. It is time for the Obama administration to abandon its refusal to investigate anything dealing with the Iraq war on grounds it would be divisive. The truth does not divide, it allows all members of society to become more cognizant of their responsibilities as citizens.