Doctors Torture For America

Each passing day reveals one more piece of the story as to how the United States of America became transformed into a nation that simply does not live by the code of human rights. A report by the Taskforce on Preserving Medivcal Professionalism in National Security Detention Centers reveals that doctors and psychologists working under the supervision of the CIA and the Defense Department were encouraged to assist in the torture of prisoners. They were ordered to put aside any scruples of their profession for the greater good of the nation. They participated in force-feeding of prisoners, paid no attention to patient privacy because the nation came first.

Actually, they were persuaded that since they were not dealing with “patients,”but with prisoners there was no need to adhere to the rights of “patients.” So, sleep deprivation of waterboarding were OK because they were applied to a prisoner, not to a “patient.” Such is the state of our medical profession, or at least, some of them.