Does A Hotel Guest Have To Endure Bronx Accents?

A family named the Morgans went on a trip to Naples and were concerned they might have to encounter those Bloody foreigners who are all over Italy. They reserved a room at the Ritz-Carlton whose website promised “world class restaurants and impeccable service” so they made clear to management at no time should this UK family be served by “people of color” and, they did not wish to have anything to do with “people who speak with foreign accents.” I guess that means I can not work at a Ritz-Carlton Hotel since I am from the Bronx and we sure do not speak like them bloody English people who have that strange way of speaking our English language. When the Morgans entered the restaurant at the hotel staff was informed that anyone of color or anyone who spoke funny, should avoid the family.

The Ritz-Carlton has now banned the Morgans from any of its hotels and apologies were made to members of the staff. My problem is being compelled to live in Missouri with people who speak funny. My other problem is that I am white skinned so I guess the Morgans do not want me serving them. By the way, Morgans, exactly which humans do you know who lack a color of skin?