Does A Postman Have A Right To Wear Kilts?

We live in an age in which various groups argue for their rights to express individual feelings and desires. During the past few decades the US Post Office has made strides to allow greater freedom to its postal workers by enabling them to wear short pants in hot weather. However, Dean Peterson, a postal worker, believes his constitutional rights are being abridged because he is not allowed to wear kilts in humid hot summer days. Although of Finnish and Norwegian heritage, he has adopted Scottish apparel as his own and wears his kilts throughout the day in many settings. He recently spent his $1.800 rebate check on 1000 photos of himself in kilts which were sent to post offices throughout the United States.

Yes, Iraq is an important issue and is who will win the upcoming election, but do any of these minor issues count as much as the right to wear kilts? We believe every human, Scottish or not, has the right to wear kilts. Dean Peterson, may your lower part of the body enjoy cool breezes this hot summer.

  • Ed Garner

    Does anybody ever read the Bible. When God Almighty clothed Adam and Eve He put a dress-like garment on both of them. I got the idea that God just might know best. But it seems there is a lot of people out there that think God wouldn’t know best. And Jesus never wore pants either, so there.

  • Kathy Ann

    I think kilts are great and very macho

  • Fred Stopsky

    I believe some0ne should look up into this issue