Does Accused Have Rights?

A decade has passed since hundreds of men  were captured in the Afghanistan war and the Iraq war. They were charged with being members of terrorist groups, sent to Guantanamo prison in Cuba and have spent a few thousand days awaiting someone to charge them with something. Actually, all Nazi prisoners were sent back home within a year of so after the  end of World War II. All they did was kill about 6,000,000 Jews and another 30,000,000 people. Of course, they were NOT Muslims and they were not engaged in a crusade against the West, they were part of the West. Walid bin Attash exploded in a  pretrial hearing due to guards searching his cell and confiscatng legal documents that he wanted to use in his defense.

Bin Attash is a native of Yemen who grew up in Saudi Arabia and is charged with providing logistical aid to 9/11 attackers. He, along with other defendants, prayed, ignored the judge and made pests of themselves. Military officials admit meeting rooms for defendants and lawyers have microphones. The good news is guards can only listen to conversations, the bad news is they can not record them. I assume they can write down what is  being said.

I thought this was the United States of America where an accused person has the right to a “speedy trial!”