Does Anyone Like Anyone In Middle East?

Aaland Salimi was a refugee from Iran who made it to the United Kingdom. Fearing if he told anyone that he was Iranian, Mr. Salimi told immigration officials his country of origin was Iraq. Given the interest of England in what happens in Iraq, it stood to reason informing the world one is from Iraq would earn brownie points with those in authority. He was sent to an Iraq group to check on the validity of his story, and when he insisted Iraq was really his home, the issued him an ID card. Alas, the immigration folk decided since he was from Iraq, a nation England had liberated, it only stood to reason returning home would allow him an opportunity to further democracy in his homeland. Salimi finally confessed he was a Kurd who lived in the Kurdish part of Iran. At that point, they showed him a plane and soon he was back home, or whatever, in Baghdad.

On arrival, the Iraq police took all Kurds off the plane and beat the hell out of them. After all, this is free Iraq where Shiite are now Numero Uno in charge of the place. At last reports, Mr. Salimi was somewhere in Baghdad and trying to get back to Iran. I am certain on his arrival, the police will beat the hell out of him. Welcome to American liberated Middle East, home of democracy.