Does Clean Shaven Face Make One An American?

The current American emphasis which insists people seeking public jobs must be clean shaven or they should not be allowed to wear anything on their heads is an unusual one for a nation whose history is replete with men with beards and moustaches. As I recall, honest Abe Lincoln had a beard as did General Grant who also became president. I suspect Teddy Roosevelt and his successor William Howard Taft must be displaying bewilderment in Heaven at the behavior of their descendants who do not recognize facial hair on a leader. Samir Suljovic applied for a position as a security guard at the Gramercy Hotel in New York City and was informed no job because he has a beard. He pointed out the beard was part of his religion, but in sanctimonious America, facial hair is terrorist hair.

Oh well, I guess that excludes many Orthodox Jews from positions in hotels, even those owned by Jews. We can not be too careful these days about allowing those with facial hair to have jobs. Gee, I always thought God had a beard!