Does Clinton Hear The Sounds Of Obama Victory?

Barack Obama continued his roll of primary victories with easy triumphs in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. His winning margins were at the 60% level and exist polls in Virginia indicated he was now gaining the support of a majority of white males. Senator Hillary Clinton has not won a single primary since Super Tuesday and her deputy campaign manager resigned. She has been forced to borrow an additional $5 million from her own funds in order to continue the campagin.

It is time for Senator Clinton to respond to John F. Kennedy’s plea of asking not what government can do for you but what can you do for the United States. Senator Clinton has an opportunity to do something for this nation by dropping out of the race and throwing her support to Barack Obama. America lives at an important moment in its history and Senator Clinton can move us forward by recognizing a majority of people across the spectrum of public opinon want Obama.

There will be deep and painful hurt for Hillary Clinton who wanted to become the first female president in history. The arrival of a woman president will not be long in the future. But, we must halt Bush policies of foreign policy incompetence and economic disaster by electing a liberal Democrat to the presidency. Hillary Clinton can well look to the great career of Ted Kennedy in the Senate as a model of what can be done for one’s country.