Does Election Winner Lose The Election?

Latest figures indicate that Conservative Party leader, David Cameron will most likely be asked to form a government in England some time this month. His Labor rival is several points below his figure of 36% approval and the Liberal Democrats are close to 30%. However, Mervyn Conundrum, Governor of the Bank of England warned that whichever party wins this election, will suffer the wrath of the public because of tough economic austerity measures that must be taken. He believes this year’s winner will “be out of power for whole generation.” As soon as polls close this coming Friday it should be clear Cameron is the leader in vote count and members of Parliament.

Of course, it is also clear no single party is going to secure a majority in Parliament so either Gordon Brown or David Cameron will have to reach out to Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg in order to obtain a majority. Clegg several days ago indicated he will throw his votes behind which party obtained the largest number of votes.

If the Bank of England is correct, the best thing for Labor is to lose, lose, lose and await a return to power in a few years.