Does God Have IPod?

Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks of Great Britain denounced consumer society in a recent speech blaming it for creating a culture of selfishness. In particular, he identified the late Steve Jobs as among those most responsible for encouraging people to get, buy, purchase and fill lives with goods and things. In the end, says the Rabbi, people only care about what they lack rather than be grateful for what they have. He pointed specifically at mechanical objects that Jobs helped to make important to the lives of people.

Sacks noted: “people  are looking for values other than the values of a consumer society… The consumer  society was laid down  by the late Steve Jobs coming down from the mountain with two tablets, i Pad, iPhone and the result is we now have a culture of iPod, iPhone, iTune, i, i, i.”

The Rabbi would much prefer people adhering to concepts of  Shabbat which requires one to cease buying and selling of a day while devoting one’s life to family and reflection. He raises many important concepts, but there is a lack of identifying those in the business world who created this society. Jobs was one of them, but the real culprits are still around and making billions.