Does Government Require Religious Oaths?

Europe has an ancient heritage of Christianity being involved in government so it is not surprising that many nations still use religious centered oaths in order to swear in officials. Archbishop leronymos, head of the Church of Greece made an unusual suggestion by arguing that the taking of religious oaths by politicians should be abolished. There was some negative reaction to his suggestion, but it is still unclear whether he meant all oaths taken by government officials or some oaths. Several bishops while supporting the idea of abolishing oaths in assuming a position in government also noted if a person can not swear on the Bible to uphold the Constitution, then that individual is not someone to be trusted.

In days gone by, most Europeans were Christians, but these days, Europe includes peoples of very diverse backgrounds and religions. It is time to end the use of a religious oath and allow those who do not feel comfortable taking such a position due to their own religion, the right to just take office and promise to obey the Constitution.