Does India Have A Strategy For Terrorism?

The horror that engulfed India has sent a shock wave throughout the world, but it also raises questions as to the goals and effectiveness of Indian strategies in dealing with terrorism. The Mumbai disaster was created by Muslim extremists, but over the past twenty years there have been numerous examples of Hindu extremists who explode into violence, kill people, and are not crushed by the government. During the past few months Hindu nationalists terrorized Christians and drove hundreds from their homes, but no serious effort was ever made to crush those who carried out terrorism. There have been either Muslim or Hindu attacks that have resulted in hundreds of deaths and many speeches promising to do something, but after the talk, there is no action.

Perhaps, the place to begin developing a serious anti-terrorism program is to dramatically raise the size of Indian police forces and its army. Just a few weeks ago, an explosion rocked a mosque in Malegaon which was the work of Hindu nationalists and among those arrested was an officer in the Indian army.

There is need for a new deal in India which ends the ability of Hindu nationalists to impose their terror upon innocent people, and which finally resolves the lingering sore known as Kashmir. It is time to create an effective anti-terrorism group which deals with ALL forms of terror, not just Muslim.