Does Israel Get The Message?

During the past decade leaders of Israel have assured their nation that time was on their side. They argued Arab nations were in disarray so there was no need to reach a compromise agreement with Palestinians. Benjamin Netanyahu formed an alliance with religious right wingers and men like Avigdor Lieberman whose knowledge of foreign policy was even less than that of Sarah Palin. Israel made certain their close ally, Turkey, ended their friendship due to stubborn refusal on the part of Netanyahu to reach out toward President Abbas and reach some form of agreement. Israel leaders even launched an anti-Muslim campaign against fellow Israeli citizens who were of Arab descent. Netanyahu continued settlement expansion, he forced Arabs from east Jerusalem under the belief that Arabs simply were incapable of organizing for their own defense. Today, an Arab nation of 80,000,000 sits on the border of Israel and its military is in charge. On the fringe is the Muslim Brotherhood waiting for a chance to have power.

In the meantime, Israel digs deeper holes in which to place their heads. They simply do not recognize that PEACE WITH PALESTINIANS IS NOW OF CRITICAL IMPORTANCE. If Israel waits, there is greater probability that religious fanatics could rise to power in Egypt or elsewhere.

When will the people of Israel finally grasp that peace is in THEIR INTERESTS. What does this mean:

1. Agree to a two state solution.

2. Agree to transfer the West Bank to the new nation of Palestine with the understanding some parts can be retained.

3. Agree to a joint control of Jerusalem.

4. Ask UN forces to maintain supervision of key religious sites in Jerusalem.


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