Does Mali Matter?

Every so often some event occurs in a far off African nation that captures headlines for about 22 minutes before there is need for a commercial break. European and American forces helped rebels overthrow the hated Muammar Gaddafi and free the people of Libya from his dictatorship. Gaddafi knew enough not to trust his own people so he hired fighters from other African nations. Once he was overthrown, Tuareg soldiers who had been in his army, went to the arms depot, helped themselves to weapons and headed south in search of a country they could seize. It turned out the Mali was the perfect place to take over

Tuareg rebels are sweeping threw northern Mali because they have better weapons than those available to the Mali army. This caused officers in the Mali army to overthrow their president. Naturally, this created an uproar in other African nations which do not like governments overthrown by the army. OK, so the president sent troops into battle with the wrong equipment. But, he is the president and therefore no one should overthrow him.

Frankly, it is a mess. Who knows who is right? I don’t!