Does Money Talk Or Does Talk Make Money?

It is generally agreed there is a war raging in America concerning the use of money to alter outcomes of elections. For over a hundred years, both Republican and Democratic political leaders agreed there should be some form of restrictions imposed on contributions to those running for public office. Republican Senator John McCain and Democratic Senator Russ Feingold, even pushed through a bill to restrict donations to political campaigns. But, along came the Roberts Supreme Court which has a conservative majority. It concluded that money is a form of speech, and since there is freedom of speech in America, no restrictions can be imposed on money. According to the strict interpretationist view of the Constitution, our Founding Fathers believed anyone could give a few million dollars for campaigns to seek public office.

Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, told a Senate committee “while money is used to finance speech, money is not speech.” Spoken like the hater of job creators. Republican Senator Pat Roberts rushed to the defense of the Koch brothers who spend millions to get across their views. “Let’s stop demonizing citizens who exercise their First Amendment rights. The First Amendment does not allow us to silence those who oppose us.” Actually, it Does! Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes and a majority made clear one does NOT have the right to say what he desires so shouting, “Fire” in a theater is a Crime!

There have always been restrictions on “freedom of speech.” As Democratic Senator Tom Udall said: “Money and speech are the same thing? This is twisted logic.”