Does North Korea Pose A Threat?

Defense Secretary Robert Gates warned that North Korea will in the coming years pose a threat to the security of the United States. “With the North Koreans continuing development of nuclear weapons and their development of intercontinental ballistic missiles, North Korea is becoming a direct threat to the United States, and we have to take that into account.” He went on to note there is “urgency” in addressing this issue. A major concern for Gates is the growing feeling among many in South Korea with “provocation and harassment from the North.” His fear is another effort by North Korea to display its might by attacking South Korean facilities might be the spark which leads to more widespread hostilities between the two nations. Those who study North Korean politics are still confused as to whether recent incidents are merely an attempt to build up the reputation of Kim Song-un, son of the head of North Korea or is it an attempt to force negotiations with the United States.

Reality is that no one knows what exactly is taking place in North Korea. It is a closed society and “experts” can only guess as to what is actually occurring within the corridors of power.