Does Peaceful Resistance Mean Absence Of Bloodshed?

Many Turks are upset at remarks from their revered religious leader, Fethullah Gulen whose comments concerning the use of peaceful resistance clashed with the predominant views of Turkish leaders. Turkey was once a close ally of Israel but the Gaza policy and refusal to agree to honest negotiations with Palestinian leaders have transformed a friend into a severe critic. The attack on the Gaza bound flotilla has been termed an act of piracy by the Turkish government. The comments of the Turkish cleric raise interesting issues regarding the nature of non-violence resistance. We beg to differ with him. Those on the flotilla did not come armed for a fight. Even the Israel government acknowledges there was no evidence of guns and ammunition in the cargoes.

A society dedicated to the principles of justice and democracy as once was a characteristic of Israel had numerous alternatives other than sending commandos onto ships filled with civilians. The Israel government simply could have allowed them to dock, inspected their cargoes, thanked one and all for concern about the people of Gaza, and sent them home. Had such a policy been followed there would be no angry Turkish politicians.