Does President Know Best?

The American people appear to be divided between those who believe the government knows something about foreign policy they can not grasp and those who believe anything said by a government official must, by definition, be wrong. About 42% of those polled support the Afghan surge while 56% oppose it. On the other hand, 52% now believe President Obama is on the right track in Afghanistan compared to only 42% who had that view in November. Steve Pollaro, an ordinary citizen who once was a Republican and now supports Obama, operates on the theory that since Barack is the president he must know something that we citizens have no knowledge about. I believe this was the attitude in 2003 when most Americans thought President Bush knew something about WMD.

Gee, what if the president of the United States does not know as much as many citizens know? I have a hunch there were thousands of scholars who knew Bush was 100% wrong about invading Iraq. Oh, well, father does know best– when it comes to paying for his daughter’s wedding, but he sure doesn’t know who she is should marry.