Does Teacher Have Right To Pose In Nude?

A teeange Swedish boy claims he was sent sexually provocative explicit photos from his teacher who was trying to seduce him. The photos which depict the teacheer in sexually enticing positions have been circulated througout the school. The teacher admitted the student was an attractive young boy and she often chatted with him on the Internet, but she also talked with other boys. The young woman said she placed several nude pictures of herself a few years ago on the Internet and is furious at the uproar created by the boy. “Even I have a right to an adult life,” and “it realy feels unpleasant to be exposed like this.” She is considering filing a complaint with the police about the boy’s actions in dissmenating the photos of her to other students.

Do teachers have the same rights as other people in the workplace? Does she have the right to flaunt her body on the Internet knowing there is a proabability some students will see them and become rather interested in her body more than her mind? We live in interesting times.