Does The United States Have A Broken Army?

General George Casey, Chief of Staff of the United States Army, made clear to members of Congress that current 15 month tours of duty are “just not sustainable.” He told lawmakers “soldiers and leaders need to see that over time they won’t be deploying for 15 months and home for 12.” This can only become possible as long as the president realizes the number of active-duty brigades in Iraq and Afghanistan is reduced. However, he rejected implications there is something wrong with the morale of those fighting in these areas. “This is not a broken Army…Now, are we where we want to be? No. And we fully acknowledge that.”

Several senators such as Babara Mkulski expressed concern over the lack of funding for families of those serving overseas in order to assist them in coping with loved ones who are gone for such long periods of time. General Casey ageed much more must be done to confront issues of stress on family life,

President Bush is always praising members of the armed forces for their patriotism, but when it comes to pay raises or additional funds for handling post traumatic stress, he ordinarily lacks the same enthusiasm. In almost every case it is Congress which takes leadership increasing those funds.