Does Toronto Have Ford In Its Future?

It is so refreshing to finally discuss an important issue confronting people of the world. Totonto Mayor Rob Ford made clear to his city council that the city will remain being behind the Fords in their lives. “I’m most definitely keeping this job”and pointed out that he was ” a positive role model for kids.” OK, so he purchased illegal drugs. OK, so he sort of gets a bit under the weather during the day and needs the support of a bottle of liquor. OK, so he sort of gets what some term a “drunker stupor,” but that is simply an issue of how one terms drinking, and it is a subjective expression. OK, so some claim he is an addict, but doesn’t every person have some sort of addiction? Why pick on those who drink? Why not demand that obese individuals resign from public office?

“I am not leaving her” said the hero, Ford, “I’m going to sit here and going to attend every meeting.” All but two of the 43 councillors demanded that he resign. Ford’s response was fascinating. He demanded that each councillor be subjected to “hair drug and alcohol testing.” The perfect solution would be to supply the mayor with a bottle of liquor and some marijuana so he could get a good night’s sleep. Has Bobby Ford considered moving to Texas and running for governor? Texas could use a political leader who dealt with important issues rather than sitting up all night figuring ways to deny people the right to vote>