Doff Turban Or Doff Head

There  are many conflicts in the world  so it should not come as a big surprise if turbans became the hot topic of conversation. A few weeks ago, a man wearing his turban was allowed to see the an important cleric named Rabbani and instead of wishing him well, the man was blown to hell by setting off a bomb hidden inside his turban. Thus these days in Afghanistan males are searched in normal parts of body, but special attention is in the turban. Malik Niaz made a long journey in order to see the president of Afghanistan. When he arrived, guards told him to take off the turban and have it checked. “I felt dishonored when the guard said undo the turban. I thought it would be better if I had not come.”

I suspect President Karzai would consider it a loss of honor if someone blew himself up in his  presence. Sorry men, off with your turbans!

For Afghan males the turban do you make. Malik Niaz spent days walking to the capital city of Kabul but when he arrived at the presudebt==============