Dogs Of War Arrive In Iraq

I guess the Republican party is going to achieve its goal of cutting government funding and it will hopefully be a signal of what can be done to eliminate the $13 trillion federal national debt. Zack and Butch are headed for Iraq and initial reports are that al-Qadea will be withdrawing its forces from that nation once the two dogs of war arrive. Zack and Butch are “stress relief dogs” who encourage soldiers under stress to hug and pet and fondle a warm body–given they are in Iraq where female warm bodies are not that frequently available. as Col. Gouley notes: “They made contact with units that didn’t want anything to do with huggy, mental health people.” In a sense, the dogs are simply non-human therapists. Let’s face reality, for a healthy American young man or woman who is stuck in Iraq, the prospect of having a love affair is nil unless your lover is not human.

Come to think about it, this could open the door for Republicans to cut expenditures.

1. Hire dogs to teach kids in school. Kids may not emerge reading and writing, but they certainly will be able to howl about things like the Tea Party.

2. Hire dogs to handle minor human illnesses. Cuddle up in bed with your dog and send the doctor away. After all, dogs like apples and an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

3. How about a Congress composed of dogs? I suspect they do a better job of howling about Obama than any Republican congressman.