Doing Time In A Big Time Way

If you ever commit a crime, make certain it occurs in Indonesia, the land of luxury prisons just waiting for the criminal who has the dough. Business tycoon Artalyta Suryani had the misfortune to be caught giving bribes to government officials and was sent away to jail. Well, not exactly the type of jail you know about. She is currently enjoying an air conditioned bedroom which has a flat-screen television, a private bathroom, an adjoining karaoke suite and her meals are delivered by her maid and other assistants. It turns out that if you have the good fortune to be sentenced to Jarkata Pondok Bambu women’s penitentiary, it is really a vacation spa which offers all the amenities of private life to those who can pay. After all, how many prisoners can have their child with them in jail and under the carte of a nanny?

I like this type of prison. After all, we have dozens of Wall Street types who robbed from the American people and now live in luxury beyond the dreams of any normal person. So, what’s wrong with making everything official, steal, bribe, and get an all expense paid for trip to the nearest jail in your vicinity. And, there are no lights out–ever!