Doing Time In The Joint Is The Point

Dominique Strauss-Kahn is currently visiting the Riker Island prison under circumstances that would not be familiar to the typical member of that institution who is poor, black, or Hispanic. The 62 year old head of the International Monetary Fund has an entire wing of the jail to himself and guards who check his physical condition throughout the day to ensure no harm comes to him. He has a wing of the prison to himself, his own toilet and can walk around when he feels the need for exercise. Meals are delivered to the inmate and he does not wear prison garb during the day. He can read books, watch some TV and contemplate his fate in a quiet and peaceful area of the world. Although, there is concern Strauss-Kahn might try suicide, he comes across as relaxed and at peace with himself.

For those with black skins or of Hispanic origin or are simply poor white folk, the description above is NOT the Rikers island they experience during the day. They fear being raped, being brutalized, and are treated like dirt. If you are in the joint and doing time, you ain’t right because you ain’t got any might. If you got the bucks, you won;t have to suck and you won’t have to bow down.