Domestic Violence In Egypt

Domestic violence is not confined to a nation nor to a specific religion, but is found throughout the world. In a study done for the Egyptian government, CAMPAS, found that nearly half the women in their nation has encountered physical violence from the hands of their husbands. At least 47% of female between the ages of 15 to 49 reported being victims of domestic violence. In theory the use of physical violence against a spouse is illegal under Egyptian law, but it is rare for a man to be prosecuted for hitting a wife. According to Nahmed Abu el-Qumsan of the Center for Women’s Rights, “if a woman complains, it would be considered a crime. But, if she doesn’t, the husband won’t be punished.” Naturally, few women dare risk complaining about their husbands knowing most police will not pay much attention to their complaints.

The results are not unusual for most Muslim nations where men hold power, and will not be punished for using it.