Domestic Violence Rises In Portugal

it is still unclear for the reasons, but domestic violence in Portugal has dramatically risen in 2008 over figures from 2007. There has been a 13.5% increase in cases of domestic violence which, for the most part, deal with male abuse of women. According to officials, there has been a significant rise in the number of physical attacks by men who are dating women, and there initial hypothesis is it may be linked to a feeling between couples that violence is part of love relationships. This week there is a new campaign entitled, “violence during dating” which seeks to make couples more aware that physical violence should not take place between two people who are dating.

The Women’s Union for Alternative Answers reports 43 cases of death resulting from physical violence involving a married couple. At this point, there is no clear explanation for this increase in domestic violence and one can not simply blame it on confusing economic conditions in Europe and the world.