Dominique Straussed Out Over Maid

Dominque Strauss Kahn is very upset at a maid who he seduced because she claims  he forced sexual intentions on her. He charges that Natissatou Diallo. a hotel maid that he impregnated with his fluids lied by charing that he  raped her. DSK says she “knowingly and intentionally made a false  report to law enforcement authorities.”

DSK is convinced her rape claims stemmed from a Sarkozy plot to destroy his candidacy for president of France. He agrees to having sex with the maid, the issue is whether she was attacked or seduced. Frankly, given the dozens, if not hundreds, of women the great French lover has seduced,who  can doubt this innocent female was simply overwhelmed by the chubby little man?

DSK, you might be a great economist, but sexual dynamism is not your strong suit.