Donald Duck Has Questions About Obama

Flash! We just received news from the headquarters of Donald Duck Trump that he has uncovered important new news regarding the man who calls himself, Barack Obama. Donald is concerned. “I heard he was a terrible student. How does a bad student go to Columbia University and then to Harvard? I’m thinking about it. I’m certainly looking into it. Let him show his records.” As Donald points out some of his best friends have sons and daughters who were not accepted by Columbia University, let alone by Harvard. How come the child of a millionaire can not get into Columbia while some half breed kid who went to school in Indonesia gets in? OK, so he claims to have graduated from Harvard, magna cum laude. Big deal. Just how many millions does he have in the bank? Huh?

As Donald points out, “there are unanswered questions about our president.” For example, he has never, ever, revealed what type of underwear he wears. Does he have something to hide? He has never told us what type of shampoo he uses. How come? Is he afraid to wash out his hair in public? And, for some reason, he will not reveal which size shoe he wears! Nor, do we know who foots the bill for his food and clothes!

Donald knows something that America does not know. He knows the real name of Barack Obama is Beatrice Abraham, a Jewess from Israel who works for Mossad as part of the international Jewish plot to take over the world! I dare this person named Barack Obama to show us his tits! Does he have something to hide?