Donald Rumsfeld Told To Stand Up

Donald Rumsfeld used to respond to reporter stories about torture of prisoners by boasting he stood up during the day so why couldn’t prisoners be compelled to stand for hours or physically abused. A law suit by two  Americans who worked for a private contracting firm in Iraq has been allowed to proceed by a court of law. Donald Vana and Nathan Ertel  charge they were detained by US interrogators, placed in a prison and subjected to torture because they complained about behavior of troops. Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld insists that whatever is done by the government during wartime can not be reviewed by the courts of America.

The 7th U.S. Circuit Federal Court of Appeals ruled Rumsfeld was wrong. Judge David Hamilton made clear to the American government: “There can be no doubt that the deliberate infliction of such treatment on U.S. citizens, even in a war zone, is unconstitutional.” Ertel and Vana endured sleep deprivation and “walling” which consists of being blindfolded and forced to walk into walls.

Naturally, the Obama administration once again defended depriving American citizens of their rights. We Americans either believe in constitutional law or we do not believe in it. It is ironic that a former teacher of constitutional law supports unconstitutional behavior by those in government.