Donald Sterling Is Sorry!

Donald Sterling is among those wonderful men who were described by Mitt Romney as the backbone of the country, you know the job creators who strive every day and night of the week in order to bring joy and riches to those on the bottom of society! Donald Sterling owns the Los Angeles Clippers and thus owns a few hundred million dollars. He uttered a few words that, perhaps, he should not have said, but he wants the world to know that Donald Sterling is a man of sterling character. “I love my league. I love my partners. Am I entitled to one mistake? It’s a terrible mistake. I’ll never do it again. I am here to apologize.” Heck, how could anyone deny this honest, decent guy the right to one mistake? Perhaps, he should be told to sit in a corner with a dunce hat on his head as punishment?

Unfortunately, the Donald man just did not make “one mistake.” He has been openly prejudiced for over a decade and has made the “one mistake” dozens of times. The “one mistake”in this situation is that of NBA owners who allowed this conduct to continue year after year. It is not only African American players who have endured this constant bigotry, but every player and owner in the NBA. There is only one solution–goodbye Donald!