Donald Sterling Not A Sterling Leader

Donald Sterling is one of those people with gobs of money that enables him to purchase toys such as the franchise of the NBA Los Angeles Clippers. In capitalist America, one with absolutely no talent can use wealth as the leverage to become the center of power in an industry. This is particularly true in the National Basketball Association, James Dolan owner of the New York Knicks has made one blunder after another resulting in no titles for his team since 1973. But, in addition to being incompetent, Mr. Sterling is a prime time bigot. He was captured on his cell phone making the following comments to a girl friend who had sent an instagram of herself and the famous Magic Johnson. So, what did Donald respond:

“You don’t have to have yourself with walking with black people. Don’t put it on Instagram for the world to see so they call me. And, don’t bring him to my games.” Former Clipper player Elton Brand said Sterling would bring girls into the locker room while they were showering and comment: “look at those beautiful black bodies!”

Sterling argues the woman tried to get money from him. Time will tell.I am still unclear whether she was white, Asian or black.